University Achievements

Congratulations on these recent AAMGA University Achievements

2012 Certified Insurance Wholesaler Designees:

  1. T.C. Anderson, RPS Scottsdale 
  2. R.C. Chaffin, SeaCoast Underwriters
  3. Shawn Chaffin, SeaCoast Underwriters
  4. Danny Gendusa, RPS First Premium
  5. Rosemarie Marshall, AmWINS Brokerage of Texas
  6. Ralph Sabbagh, General Star
  7. Kathy Suhm, Nautilus Insurance Group
  8. Gwen Young, Montpelier US Insurance Company

2012 Senior Leader Certificate Graduates:

  1. R.C. Chaffin, SeaCoast Underwriters
  2. Shawn Chaffin, SeaCoast Underwriters
  3. Wes Duesenberg, Jr., Southern Insurance Underwriters
  4. Wayne Forest, Forest Insurance Facilities
  5. Gary Hollederer, Russell Bond & Co.
  6. Joe Hutelmyer, AmWINS Transportation Underwriters
  7. Rosemarie Marshall, AmWINS Brokerage of Texas
  8. Nicole Ricigliano, Nautilus Insurance Group
  9. Jim Roe, Arlington/Roe & Company
  10. Mark Rothert, Ron Rothert Insurance Services
  11. Gary Tiepelman, Scottsdale Insurance Company

GSU UFO Leadership Track Graduates

2011 Graduates included:

  1. Ken Distel, Joseph Distel & Company
  2. Leah Kapoor, I-Engineering
  3. Tiffany McPartland, Bliss & Glennon
  4. Nicole Ricigliano, Nautilus Insurance Group
  5. J. Patrick Roe, Arlington/Roe & Company
  6. Ralph Sabbagh, General Star Insurance Company
  7. Danielle Wade, Jackson Sumner & Associates

2010 Graduates included:

  1. TC Anderson, RPS Scottsdale   
  2. Tripp Duesenberg, Southern Insurance Underwriters
  3. Christine Ray Garrett, Burlington Insurance Group
  4. Colleen Giles-Harris, Scobie Group
  5. Liam Hutelmyer, AmWINS Transportation Underwriters
  6. Kristen Jones, Bliss & Glennon
  7. Valerie Knight, Chris-Leef Agency
  8. Amy Leicht, RPS Leicht
  9. Matthew Leicht, RPS Leicht
  10. Chris Peterson, Chris-Leef Agency
  11. Patricia Scelfo, Burlington Insurance Group 

White Paper Winners:

Paper: “Risk Transfer Techniques for the American Wheat Farmer”

  •  Kyle Guestin, Utica College (student)
  • Pamela Hurley, Utica College (professor)

Paper: “Cyber and Reputational Insurance Past, Present, and Future”

  • Justin Litaker, Appalachian State College (student)
  • Karen Epermanis, App State (professor)