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The demands of the insurance profession, increasingly complex business challenges, technology changes and heightened expectations of our customers require a discipline of continuous life-long education. The AAMGA enables you to take advantage of the many educational programs offered through the AAMGA University. These programs include workshops offered as stand alone programs, member sponsored sessions, courses offered at our business meetings, and a series of on-line education programs.

The AAMGA is a leader in the insurance industry. One of the AAMGA's strategic objectives is to remain "…committed to advancing the knowledge of our members to provide better service, cultivate and complement their own capabilities, and to encourage the full utilization of technology. We will remain vigilant in implementing those programs, activities and educational measures by which to foster our vision, and to be held accountable to ensuring our goals and objectives are achieved."

In order to achieve this objective, the AAMGA University strives to offer timely and relevant educational programs and forums. Our aim is to keep our members in the forefront of the industry. Educational programs that build intellectual capital and foster knowledge sharing become a primary resource for our continued existence and future growth.

AAMGA University sessions have been designed especially for you and others with an interest and dependence on the wholesale insurance market. We hope you or others in your organization will take advantage of the educational opportunities, and that you will find them interesting and beneficial.

We encourage you to participate and to share your thoughts, comments and ideas. In that way, we can continue to improve the content and quality of the courses offered, and the value of achieving the AAMGA University designations. Thank you.

For further information, please contact:

Bernd G. Heinze, Esq.
AAMGA Executive Director
Phone: 610-992-0001


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