Membership Committee

The AAMGA’s Membership Committee works with the Headquarters’ staff and prospective new members to ensure the applications meet the requirements of membership.

Applications for new Active, Associate and Business Services Members are presented at each meeting of the Board of Directors for consideration. Once approved, new members receive a orientation packet and a plaque acknowledging their membership in the Association representing the business partners in the wholesale distribution network.

The Committee also sponsors a New Members reception at each Annual Meeting, and assists new members in becoming acclimated with all the benefits and privileges to which they are now entitled.

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Members of the 2013-2014 AAMGA Membership Committee are

Board Liaison

David A. Thomas
E. A. Kelley Co.
(401) 431-9883

Vice Chair

Frank Powell, Jr.
FTP, Inc.
(732) 679-3700


Shannon P. Dahlke
McClelland & Hine, Inc.
(713) 328-2052


Patrick Abate
Granite Insurance Services, Inc.
(720) 872-6406

Donna McGovern
Western World Insurance Group
(201) 847-2895

Larry C. Bobb, ARM, CPCU, MBA
Insurance Intermediaries, Inc.
(614) 429-5198

Deborah A. Murphy
Boston Insurance Specialists, Inc.
(508) 339-6041 x225

Tanya Buswell
AmWINS Brokerage of Texas
(214) 561-6864

Paul W. Rainey
RSI International, Inc.
(817) 461-2099

Jeff Fields
Markel - Mid South
(469) 241-3438

C. Bret Strickland
Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company
(919) 759-3202

Matt Lynch
RPS Schneider, CMGA
(952) 938-0655 x6720

Tracy Wade
Maxum Specialty Insurance Group
(678) 597-4500