Marketing Committee

The AAMGA’s Marketing Committee combines the important initiatives of advancing the brand value of the Association and its members, and liaising with other industry associations. The AAMGA University is also represented on the committee to properly coordinate and market the benefits of the University to members and independent agents.

The committee oversees the advertising and marketing plan, and the publications of the Association, including the quarterly Communiqué magazine, blast e-mails, annual meeting newspapers, press releases and conferences, and white papers. It also arranges presentations of the AAMGA’s coveted Achievement Awards to deserving members of state insurance associations, the National Association of Insurance Women (International), the CPCU Society, and other insurance industry organizations. It also provides benefits to numerous students around the country who have declared insurance or risk management as their major at the college or university they attend.

Driving recognition of AAMGA members within the industry, the Marketing Committee also conducts the annual Advertising & Marketing Awards (awarded to members with the most innovative advertising, newsletters, sales materials, websites, stationery and other collateral materials), and the Community Service Awards (awarded to members who have contributed the time and talents of their employees to advancing causes in their local communities).

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      Members of the 2013-2014 AAMGA Marketing Committee are

      Board Liaison

      Michael K. Berry
      Specialty Insurance Managers, Inc.
      (512) 263-8999

      Vice Chair

      Joseph L. Majsak, CPCU
      General Star Management Co.
      (203) 328-6416


      Shawnae Bentley
      Nautilus Insurance Group
      (480) 367-5422


      Brian Anstoetter
      Insurance Finance Corporation
      (515) 223-0519

      Andrea D. Nash, CPCU
      Markel - Southeast
      (804) 273-1494

      Kristan Bullinger
      Concorde General Agency, Inc.
      (701) 373-8942

      Lana Parks
      The Parks Group, Inc.
      (817) 608-0150


      Michele Conway
      Conway E & S, Inc.
      (412) 889-2325

      J. Patrick Roe
      Arlington/Roe & Co., Inc.
      (317) 554-8500

      Tripp Duesenberg, CIW
      Southern Insurance
      Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
      (678) 498-4500

      Gary Romay
      Scottsdale Insurance Company
      (480) 365-3581

      Russell Duffey, CIC
      RPS Roswell, CMGA
      (770) 442-8727


      Jeanne Rondeau, CPCU
      Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company -
      Western Region
      (919) 759-7507

      Phil Gajewski
      Meadowbrook Insurance Group
      (248) 204-8518


      Scott Smith, ASLI, AIS
      RSUI Group, Inc.
      (404) 504-6125

      Mark Maucere, CIW
      AmWINS Transportation
      Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
      (800) 222-2407 x2981


      Danielle S. Wade, CPCU, CIC
      Jackson Sumner & Associates
      (800) 342-5572

      Archie McIntyre
      Meadowbrook Insurance Group
      (248) 204-8518


      Les Woods, CPCU, ALCM, ARM
      Northland Insurance Companies
      (704) 544-3548

      Carmen McKeon
      Tapco Underwriters, Inc.
      (336) 584-8892