Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee works to provide members with the information needed to effectively manage their human capital investment, regardless of organizational size. Compliance with federal and state employment statutes, the opportunity to implement best practices mutually beneficial to both the employee and employer, and the need to embrace employee recruitment and retention efforts is important to insurance agents and all companies alike.

The Committee works closely with Headquarters staff to ensure timely updates are made to the Employee Handbook, downloadable from the AAMGA website. The Committee also works closely with the University Director to develop relevant classes on human resource related topics. The annual University East event has a dedicated HR track which includes courses developed and delivered by many members of the committee.

The AAMGA University is currently a recognized provider of SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) credit which can be applied to required continuing education credit needed to maintain both the PHR (Professional in Human Resources) and the SPHR (Senior) Designations.

It is vitally important for the wholesale community to work together and advance employment related issues. One of the AAMGA’s greatest strengths is the trusted relationships among members who, through networking and other contacts, look to one another for advice and recommendations on solving problems. The Human Resources Committee is dedicated to making it easier to share HR knowledge among members.

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Members of the 2013-2014 AAMGA Human Resources Committee are

Board Liaison

Edward A. Dickerson, III
Tri-State General Insurance Agency, Ltd.
(410) 546-1255

Vice Chair

Lisa Van Leuvan
Metcom Excess, CMGA
(201) 641-5100


Sandy Matt
Century Insurance Group
(614) 895-2000


Leah Barr
Hanover Excess & Surplus, Inc., CMGA
(910) 762-7109

Rick Pitts
Arlington/Roe & Co., Inc.
(317) 554-8550

Ed Colby
Nautilus Insurance Group
(480) 367-5356

Teresa Vaughn, SPHR
Johnson & Johnson, Inc., CMGA
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Ken Distel
Distel Group
(860) 677-6505

Tonya Warren
AmWINS Transportation Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
(336) 538-2967

Sharon Emek
Work At Home Vintage
Employees, LLC
(646) 807-4312

Marian Y. Woods
Maxum Specialty Group
(678) 597-4703