Automation Committee

The Automation & Technology Committee encourages members to add their expertise to this constantly evolving committee and, thereby, share the collective knowledge with AAMGA members to improve their use of automation and technology internally with greater efficiency, as well as in service to their customers and markets. The Committee is responsible for the content, functionality and maintenance of the AAMGA's website (, and organizes the wholesale insurance market's only Automation & Technology Conference in March of each year.

The conference is attended by chief information technology officers, IT specialists and principals of MGA's and companies. An industry trade show is offered and educational sessions are conducted together with access to industry experts in order to provide attendees with real-time information to further improve their operations through the more effective use of technology.

2014 AAMGA Automation & Technology Conference Information

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Members of the 2013-2014 AAMGA Automation & Technology Committee are

Board Liaison

Corinne M. Jones, CPCU
Bliss & Glennon, Inc.
(310) 372-9115 x1308

Vice Chair

Jason Brooks
Western World Insurance Group
(201) 847-8600


Scott Montney
Cochrane & Co.


Bill Ainsworth
Maxum Specialty Insurance Group
(267) 533-1861

Eddie Robinson
Nautilus Insurance Group   
(480) 367-5377

Mike Ardis

Denise Romero
McClelland & Hine, Inc.
(210) 293-6202

Bryan Clark
Harry W. Gorst Co., Inc.

Mike Roy
Risk Placement Services, Inc.
(480) 281-5614

Chuck Clemens
Maxum Indemnity Company

John Scully
Crump Insurance Services, Inc.
(212) 2933929

Tracy Davis
(480) 306-8300

Ben Sloop
AmWINS Group, Inc.
(704) 749-2864

Rob Einer
Capitol Insurance Companies
(608) 829-4200

Alex Smith
Brit Syndicate LTD.
(011) (44) (207) 984-8678

Kathleen A. Faith, AIS, AINS
Western World Insurance Group

Marc Stevens
West Pro Insurance Services
(972) 702-0500

Liam Hutelmyer
AmWINS Transportation
Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
(336) 538-2959

Chris Stratton
Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company
(919) 759-3200

CJ Ketterer
Scottsdale Insurance Company
(480) 365-3715

Sarah Thacker
(44) (20) 7327-6616

James Mastowski
Jimcor Agencies, CMGA
201-573-8200 x1134

Tate Tooley
Bloss & Dillard, Inc., CMGA
(304) 429-6961

Robert Michalski
LoVullo Associates, Inc., CMGA
(716) 856-3065

D.J. Unger
General Star Management Co.
(203) 328-5700

Tammie Miller
Risk Placement Services, Inc.
(480) 281-5615

Joseph A. Valenza
Hudson Insurance Group
(212) 978-2808

James Morris
Jimcor Agencies, CMGA
(201) 573-8200

Ian Whitehead
Bell + Clements Ltd.
(44) (207)-283-6222

Emily Ostlund, CPCU
Northland Insurance Companies
(651) 310-4237

Marian Y. Woods
Maxum Specialty Insurance Group
(678) 597-4703