Best Practices for On-boarding

1. Communicate to the organization the new employee and his/her role

2. Welcome the new employee on his/her first day – Greet him/her at the office entrance

3. Prepare new employee’s work station prior to his/her first day

  1. Name plate
  2. Business cards
  3. Desk supplies
  4. Company logo material
    for example, coffee cup
  5. Welcome sign

4. Prepare 1st day Agenda and place on employee’s work station for the first day

5. Introduce the employee to his/her team, functional area and others in the office. Tour the office

6. Take new employee to lunch with co-workers

7. Assign peer mentor for the first 90 days – go-to person to ask questions, gain knowledge and explore the culture

8. Have the Human Resources Department or designee conduct Orientation, including review of employee handbook and policies

9. Review employee job description, goals, objectives and expectations of future results

10. Establish a 30-day Training Plan and place on his/her desk

11. Follow up with Manager and new employee after 90 days for formal feedback. Address accomplishments and issues of concerns