Our Strategic Plan

Our Vision

The AAMGA is founded on the principles of excellence, trust, leadership and distinction in expanding business proficiencies and expertise of our member agencies and companies. We recognize that the specialized skills and knowledge of the managing general agent will bring economic added value and continuity to the customers served, through an experienced ability to evaluate and understand the exposures they face and, thereby, to recommend and manage innovative insurance strategies and products to improve their bottom lines.

We are committed to advancing the knowledge of our members to provide better service, cultivate and complement their own capabilities, and to encourage the full utilization of technology. We will remain vigilant in implementing those programs, activities and educational measures by which to foster our vision and to be held accountable to ensuring our goals and objectives are achieved.

Our Mission

The American Association of Managing General Agents is a trade association of the premier wholesale property and casualty agents, insurance companies, and business services members in the insurance industry, committed to fostering the business partnerships, professionalism, trusted expertise and exchange of knowledge among its members. These qualities provide the foundation on which the AAMGA and its active, associate and business services members are able to provide reliable continuity, pro-active services and innovative products to the marketplace, and to remain as a dynamic and credible authority to influence matters of importance to the global insurance community.

Our Core Values

We value:

  • PEOPLE. We recognize the people comprising the wholesale distribution network are the greatest assets to its continuity and success. We will continue to offer and provide access to vital educational courses and resources, to allow our member agencies and companies, as well as their employees, to distinguish themselves by achieving specialized professional designations. The value of knowledge sharing is central to enhancing their leadership skills and improves their expertise, so as to set them apart from others.
  • INTEGRITY. We are committed to founding every activity we undertake on behalf of our members with unqualified respect, integrity and accountability. We have the same expectation of our members as set forth in the AAMGA's Code of Ethics. We will be the leaders to foster the credibility and reliability of insurance professionals within our communities, the country, and internationally.
  • INNOVATION. We embrace change and advancements in technology and other disciplines, which will enable the creative competencies of our members to be realized and sustained. We will be in the forefront of constantly evaluating new business concepts to improve the financial stability of our members and the delivery of services to the customers they serve.
  • ACHIEVEMENT. We believe it appropriate and necessary to recognize those persons within and outside of our industry, who through advocating the same vision, goals and objectives advanced by the AAMGA, foster interest in and the benefits of the insurance profession. We will celebrate and publicize their achievements and exemplary efforts.

Our Goals

  1. To improve the knowledge and expertise of our members and others within the insurance profession.
  2. To be a leader in improving our capabilities and efficiencies, and those of our members, through the full utilization of technology.
  3. To ensure we partner with the most efficient and effective management resources, and that we remain fiscally strong and financially responsible.
  4. To institutionalize and implement the strategic plan by merging it with our budget and business plans, and to regularly evaluate our progress.
  5. To provide meeting and networking opportunities for members and industry experts.
  6. To embrace the young men and women working with our members by affording them opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills, and to participate in setting and achieving the objectives of the AAMGA.
  7. To keep our members advised of regulatory, governmental and legal changes affecting the marketplace and their operations and, where appropriate, to influence the outcome of proposed regulations and legislation as an authoritative representative of the wholesale insurance market.
  8. To enhance our communications with members and others within the wholesale and general insurance markets and the public on critical issues of interest, the activities of the AAMGA, and the progress being made in achieving our objectives.
  9. To arrange extraordinary meetings in world-class facilities during the year to allow members additional opportunities to conduct business, network and fully enjoy the benefits of membership in the AAMGA.
  10. To recognize those who have distinguishing themselves through extraordinary performance both within and outside of our industry, and those who foster the credibility and value of insurance professionals.